Good-bye razor, hello laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal.

With summer holidays well and truly started, you may be considering laser hair removal. So what’s the big deal with laser hair removal? And why choose Clodagh’s laser and skin clinic as your go-to destination for satin smooth legs this year.


Our advanced diode laser hair removal technology, means a safe, results driven experience with medical grade laser.

We target the melanin in dark hair follicles to permanently reduced hair what does that mean? If you have dark hair then you are the perfect candidate for laser hair removal.


A minimum of 6 sessions is always recommended to significantly reduced hair growth. However for “full clearance” of an area we like to keep your expectations realistic as you will more than likely do a second round of hair removal.

20% of hair lies dormant and factors such as hormones, sunlight and medication can trigger this growth. Laser is a commitment and you will visit us every 6 weeks for treatment.

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